Animal Facilities and Related Biomedical Support Spaces

As concerns for more humane treatment of research animals increase, the standards for their care rapidly change. Simultaneously, the animal caretakers' working environment must be equally important. At Beck, Powell & Parsons, our in-depth knowledge of increasingly specialized equipment and facilities design means planning a pleasant, safe work environment and the best possible areas to house and care for animals. In addition, space and support systems must be flexible to meet future change in regulations and changes in program format. Our designers support the goals of the research organization by evaluating and responding to these diverse issues. The result is the design of buildings and space to meet today's needs and those of the future.

National Institutes of Health

Poolesville, Maryland
Building expansion and cage storage space Owner: National Institutes of Health

National Institutes of Health

Bethesda, Maryland
Central Cage Wash replacement for the ACRF and National Cancer Institute
Owner: National Institutes of Health

Washington Research Center, Research Building

Columbia, Maryland
New 70,000 square foot laboratory, office, and related services building including animal holding facility and genetics research lab
Owner: W. R. Grace & Co.

Johns Hopkins Hospital

Baltimore, Maryland
Renovation of pathology laboratories and animal holding facilities
Owner: The Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

Falls Road Research Facility

Brooklandville, Maryland
Renovation of 22 research laboratories with animal holding, cage wash, and related spaces
Owner: BBL Microbiology Systems

ETO Sterilizer Facility

Hunt Valley, Maryland
Renovations for installation of sterilizer and related equipment
Owner: BBL Microbiology Systems

Aberdeen Proving Ground

Aberdeen, Maryland
Animal holding facility
Owner: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Back River Waste Water Treatment Plant, Pre-Treatment Laboratory Facility

Baltimore, Maryland
Three-story addition including automated labs, cold rooms, and lab computer system Owner: City of Baltimore BBL Research Laboratories Hunt Valley, Maryland New pharmaceutical research and production facility
Owner: BBL Microbiology Systems

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