Open End and Indefinite Quantity Contracts

Beck, Powell & Parsons is especially proud of its long history of successful Open- End and Indefinite Quantity projects. The consistency of our high-quality, attentive service leads our client's project managers to call us first.

We've provided planning, design, and post design services for open-end projects valued at over $50 million in construction costs over the past five years.

National Institutes of Health
Bethesda, Maryland
During a six-year open-end contract, renovations and additions to laboratories, patient care areas, and public spaces such as lobbies were completed. Involved over 40 work orders.

Sample Projects:
•AIDS Clinic
•Geriatrics Ward
•The Medical Records Department
•Medical Information Systems
•Many offices, administrative areas, laboratories and animal holding areas Awarded two-year open- end contract to renovate the Warren G. Magnuson Clinical Center. It houses 500 beds and contains 2.5 million square feet on 14 floors.

Baltimore Gas & Electric Co.
Baltimore, Maryland
Several open-end and repeat contract jobs over six years include the design of renovations and additions as well as new buildings.

New structures:
•Office and Storage Building
•Nuclear Security Facility
•New warehouse building Renovations and additions:
•Transportation Building
•Office expansions
•Modifications to employee facilities
•Three storm centers
•Office and training facility
•Waste transfer building

U. S. Department of Labor
Potomac, Woodlands, Susquehanna, and Woodstock Job Corps Centers Renovation and rehabilitation of dormitories, classrooms, group meeting rooms, administrative offices, shops, and athletic facilities including site improvements, fire safety Improvements, correction of code violations, HVAC upgrading, and asbestos abatement.

Athletic facilities include:
•Basketball courts
•Bowling alleys
•Weight lifting rooms
•Multi-use spaces for meetings and student activities
•Renovated support spaces
•New security building

Walter Reed Army Medical Center
Washington, D.C.|
Ten work orders have been completed and five are in process. Studies and designs for lab and hospital space renovations, as well as relocations, have been performed.

Sample Projects:
• Renovation of Emergency Room
• Renovation and expansion of fire station
• Analysis and redesign of 70 nurses stations (Army Medical Hospital)
• Relocation of existing clinical and nuclear lab
• Genitourinary Pathology Lab

Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Centers
Perry Point and Fort Howard, Maryland; Wilmington, Delaware Over 25 projects including office renovations and additions, as well as studies. Handicapped and fire safety upgrades were made in several buildings.

Representative Projects include:
• Computer Facility
• Renovation of the Geriatric Evaluation Unit
• Medical Administration Renovation
• Radioscopy/Fluoroscopy Room Renovation W.R. Grace & Co. Washington Research Center and Davison Chemical Division, Maryland Over 65 jobs in the last 15 years. Projects include new buildings, renovations, additions, master planning, and interior design.

Building types encompass:
• Hazardous chemical storage laboratories
• Offices
• Maintenance and shop facilities
• Pilot plants
• Employee facilities
• Loading dock
• Guard house

FDA - Food and Drug Administration
Bethesda, MD Complete A/E services in support of FDA facilities nationwide. Projects include a variety of laboratory and office renovations, studies and programing projects.

Program of Requirements for Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition Laboratory Group in the Columbus Center
Baltimore, MD

Program of Requirements for CDRH Office of Science and Technology Labs
Rockville, MD

Facility Assessment for CDRH Office of Science and Technology Labs
Rockville, MD

Construction Administration for WEAC Labs
Boston, MA

Construction Administration Services for FDA District Laboratories
Los Angeles, CA

Renovation to Offices and Support Facilities in the Crawford Building
Atlanta, GA

Miscellaneous Building System Studies and Surveys

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Aberdeen Proving Ground

Baltimore, Maryland Two year term contract included 25 significant design, alteration, modernization, and repair projects, mostly in occupied facilities. Project types include housing, classrooms, library, offices, and medical laboratories and site improvements.

CHESDIV- Naval Facilities Engineering Command
Washington, DC
This two year term contract encompassed eight projects involving new building design, renovation, and site work. Projects include Bachelors Enlisted Quarters, Precision Measuring Equipment Laboratories and Hanger Addition at Andrews Air Force Base; Community Center and Housing Offices/Selfhelp Center at Patuxent Naval Air Weapons Command; Public Works Shops and Warehouse at Anacostia N.A.S.; Housing Offices/Selfhelp Centers at Dahlgren and the U.S. Naval Academy.

Additional Open-end Contracts:

Department of Housing and Urban Development

Naval Research Laboratory

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