The firm has broad experience in a large variety of building types.
Often experience on one type of project proves to be useful on completing
different building types. Following is a sampling of the projects
designed by Beck, Powell & Parsons.

Healthcare & Labs
Health Care Facilities
Laboratory Facilities
Animal Facilities and
   Related Biomedical Support Spaces

Office Buildings
Fire and Emergency Services
Retail/Shopping Centers
Financial Institutions
Multi-Family Housing
Space Planning and Interior Design
Planning and Studies
Security Facilities

Automotive, Warehouse
& Industrial

Automotive Sales and Service Facilities
Maintenance and Storage Facilities

Manufacturing, Industrial
   and Warehouse Facilities

Religious & Community
Religious Facilities
Community Buildings

Recreational, Schools and Daycare
Child Development/Day Care Centers
College and University Buildings
Recreational and Athletic Facilities
Elementary, Middle and High Schools

Specialty Contracting
Design/Build Projects
Open End and Indefinite Quantity Contracts

Green and Sustainable Design
Link to Our Green Page

Custom Residential
Link to Our Residential Page